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Pink fairy armadillos are nocturnal burrowing mammals endemic to the xeric environment in central Argentina. They have been found south of Mendoza province as well as north of Rio Negro and south of Buenos Aires. This narrow range contains a unique and crucial habitat for the pink fairy armadillo The Pink fairy armadillo has the nickname of sand-swimmer because it can burrow through soil as quickly as a fish swimming in the sea. The hard shell of this species is made up of 24 bands that enable it to curl up into a ball. Its armor is flattened at the rear so it is able to compress the dirt behind while digging The Pink Fairy Armadillo, or 'pichiciego' - is a desert-adapted mammal with a 'pink' bony armor shell, that is native to central Argentina. It inhabits sandy plains, scrubby grasslands, dunes and spends much of its time underground The pink fairy armadillo is an omnivore. Ants act as this animal's primary source of food, though they are also known to forage on plant matter, worms, and snails. The pink fairy armadillo uses its digging abilities to burrow into ant colonies and sometimes forages for small insects above land at night Pink Fairy Armadillo also known as pichiciego. It is one of the desert friendly animals. It possesses pink color bony armor shell. It is found oftenly in scruby grassland, sandy plains, and dunes

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In armadillo: Natural history long, including the tail, the pink fairy armadillo, or lesser pichiciego (Chlamyphorus truncatus), of central Argentina, is only about 16 cm (6 inches). In contrast, the endangered giant armadillo (Priodontes maximus) can be 1.5 metres (5 feet) long and weigh 30 kg (66 pounds). It lives in the Amazon basi Rosa fata Armadillo - Pink fairy armadillo Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera L'armadillo fata rosa (Chlamyphorus truncatus) o pichiciego è la più piccola specie di armadillo (mammiferi delle famiglie Chlamyphoridae e Dasypodidae, riconosciute da un guscio armatura ossea), inizialmente descritto da Richard Harlan nel 1825

Pink Fairy Armadillo - An amazing animal you might don't know exist! The pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo, first descr.. The armor of the Pink Fairy Armadillo has 24 bands, allowing the mammal to easily curl up and take the shape of a ball. One really interesting Pink Fairy Armadillo fact is that at the rear end of the animal, its armor is flattened. Interesting Pink Fairy Armadillo Facts: 16-20 16

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  1. istro dell'ambiente argentino di preservare i territori in cui questa magnifica creatura è nata e ha il diritto di vivere
  2. The Pink Fairy Armadillo is the smallest species of armadillo, characterized by small eyes, silky yellowish white fur, a flexible pink dorsal shell that is attached to its body by a thin dorsal membrane, and a tail that stick out from a vertical plate at the rear of the shell. They can grow up to 3.5-4.5 inches long and weigh up to 4.2 ounces
  3. The Pink Fairy Armadillo is a rare mammal whose scientific name is Truncatus Chlamyphorus. It's only about four inches long from head to tail. But don't let this fool you, this little animal has a knack for building tunnels that is simply amazing

If the pink fairy armadillo was to eat it's favorite food, the ant, it would get a small part of the toxin in it. The ant has a small biomass and so that is why the Pink Fairy armadillo only gets a small amount of toxin. But, because of biomagnification, the toxin continues to grow The pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo.It is found in central Argentina where it lives in dry grasslands and sandy plains.. The armadillo's body is 84-117 mm long and its tail is 27-35 mm long. They usually weigh 85 grams.Their armor is a pale pink, and their legs are covered with little white hairs. There is not enough information to say whether it is an. Pink fairy armadillos are found in dry grasslands and sand filled plains. They are a fossorial species that lives primarily in loose sandy dunes, and this preference restricts their areas of habitation. Pink fairy armadillos also prefer areas with some shrubbery. The pink fairy armadillo can live anywhere from sea level to 1500m in elevation

Pink Fairy Armadillo. 261 likes. Duoen Pink Fairy Armadillo består av Vilde Andreassen og Hanna Løvberg. Jentene lager egne låter på norsk og engelsk,.. Pink Fairy Armadillo. Any idea what the smallest species of Armadillo is? You guessed it! It is the tiny (only 3 or 4 inches long), and ever so cute, Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus)!This little resident of a small area of central Argentina is found in sandy desert areas where it lives by digging under ground with the huge claws in has on its front and rear feet Oct 30, 2016 - Explore Jane Hansen's board Armadillo, followed by 240 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Armadillo, Armadillo art, Pink fairy armadillo Pink Fairy Armadillo Endangered: There is no information about the population estimation of these species. Currently, under the IUCN red list the pink fairy armadillo is classified as Data Deficient. Though, according to the pink fairy armadillo resource, the total population size of the species is around 100 individuals Chlamyphorus truncatus (Pink Fairy Armadillo) is a species of mammals in the family long-nosed armadillos. It is found in the Neotropics. It is a solitary invertivore. Individuals can grow to 83.53 g. Reproduction is dioecious

noun pink fairy armadillo (plural pink fairy armadillos Pink fairy armadillos, Chlamyphorus truncatus, are poorly known fossorial mammals that are endemic to central Argentina. These smallest of all extant armadillos are rarely observed in the field and extremely difficult to maintain under captive conditions. This case study describes the husbandry of a male pink fairy 640 Followers, 1,098 Following, 1,715 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Paul Tourkin (@pink_fairy_armadillo Cerca qui la traduzione spagnolo-tedesco di pink fairy armadillo nel dizionario PONS! Trainer lessicale, tabelle di coniugazione verbi, funzione di pronuncia gratis

The Pink Fairy Armadillo has been on the endangered species list since 1970 (nearly 50 years!) yet according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are no conservation plans or laws to protect them. We implore the Argentinean government to take immediate action by writing comprehensive laws to protect the Pink Fairy Armadillo and their. Pink Fairy Armadillo. 358 likes. Zo

Pink fairy armadillo. One species of pink fairy armadillo (C. truncatus) is recognized. The pink fairy armadillo was previously considered to be closely related to the greater fairy armadillo (Calyptophractus retusus) but more recent evidence has shown that the greater fairy armadillo deserves its own genus Chlamyphorus truncatus, commonly known as Pink Fairy Armadillo or Pichiciego, is a species of armadillo endemic to the grasslands and shrublands of central Argentina.It is the smallest species of armadillo and grows up to sixe inches long in total length. It has a pale pink colored shell and its body under the shell is covere with white hairs The pink fairy armadillo is mostly an apt name. After all, this is a species that spends most of its time in a subterranean neverland and whose pink armour, sitting atop silky white fur, gives it an almost magical charm. However, it also has some rather unfairy-like qualities. Fairies, for instance.

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